• Educates and inspires individuals and communities to reconnect to science, the natural world and ancient indigenous knowledge
  • This work will help to protect the future of our planet for many generations to come
  • Invites the genius out of each individual
  • Promotes community based projects that offer life sustaining practices, that includes self help, self worth, empowerment and transformation
  • Empowers our leaders to share their gifts so our communities thrive
  • Assists in the education and preservation of indigenous knowledge so that our children understand their rich heritage and legacy that is rightly theirs.
  • Commits to the protection, conservation and preservation of our natural environment.

A place where community, conservation and natural law can co exist

‘The soul has come to life not simply to consume, but to give its inner gifts. Each soul secretly desires to be part of something greater, something larger than life’
Michael Meade


Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program

  is uniquely placed to train a select few men and women who have the opportunity to become the most powerful ambassadors that this country has ever known. 

South Africa is the place of origin of our species, and one of the only 17 mega -diverse countries in the world, yet very few people understand the power that this holds. Return to Origin offers a unique, dynamic, transformative progam where knowing nature from a personal scientific perspective and understanding its deep heritage will be a rare, yet mandatory tool for its leaders who wish to address the major challenges facing South Africa

We have access to a range of experience and resources spanning thirty years. These tools all relate to understanding our original human design and Indigenous technology and science. There is no resource on earth that can compete with the diversity of knowledge and ability to teach this.

RETURN TO ORIGIN  has conducted face to face research to prove just how powerful and transformative this process can be.

Drawing from a variety of sources including underserved communities in South Africa, Return to Origin will hand pick their leaders and offer them a chance to reach their limitless potential.



RETURN TO ORIGIN programs offers unique community building opportunities, combining indigenous knowledge with cultural and scientific information, in order to preserve our rich heritage. We provide a bridge to the modern world, where community, nature, healing and conservation can co-exist thereby providing a solid foundation for our changing lives.


A sustainable civilization can only exist if reciprocity remains a core value.

RETURN TO ORIGIN mentors their leaders, so they can take their gifts back to their community.


‘The children, the young, must ask the questions that we would never think to ask, but enough trust must be re-established so that the elders will be permitted to work with them on the answers.’ — Margaret Meade


The inner genius for life aspires to meaningful work and genuine purpose. It would have us undertake the seemingly-impossible tasks of transforming culture and helping to heal nature Michael Meade.


“A sustainable civilization can only exist if reciprocity remains a core value.”
– Theodore Richards.

Where does your investment go?

Preserves and protects South African Heritage through direct experience with indigenous knowledge.

Provides tools to bring our classroom to the our next generations.

Educates our children in the understanding of their rich heritage and legacy which is rightly theirs. This work will help to protect the future of our planet for many generations to come.

Assists in the reduction of violence, addiction, and homelessness

Assists Return To Origin leaders to give back via our youth projects including Trees for Tomorrow and our Guardians for Nature Project

RETURN TO ORIGIN is endorsed by


Mbali Marais
Mobile: +27 73 439 3551
Email: info@returntoorigin.org.za


RETURN TO ORIGIN is a non-profit organisation and holds a South African registered NPO 146-348

PBO 18A(1)(a)

Return to Origin relies on our community to make this work possible.