Guardians for Nature

Inspires young people to re -connect with nature in safe spaces that provide caring mentors,  hands on imaginative creative and community building activities.

We at Return To Origin believe that our innate nature is to protect what we love. We work with youth in underserved communities often plagued with violence and abuse. Respect for the Earth, starts with self-respect, with being kind to ourselves, to each other and to the environment around us. Finding peace and transforming our relationship with nature and ourselves cannot happen unless we address this. Guardians for Nature offers practices that restore meaningful connections and genuine purpose where often there is no hope.

“As modern research and ancient practices reveal, exposure to nature can contribute to human healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Conversely, human beings touched by the healing power of nature want to protect and heal nature.” Edward Wilson 

Guardians for Nature 

Ocean and Devotion

Ocean and Devotion

  "Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature.  Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living.” Ernest Becker Return To Origin’s Guardians For Nature, (theme:...

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Mbali Marais
Mobile: +27 73 439 3551


RETURN TO ORIGIN is a non-profit organisation and holds a South African registered NPO 146-348

PBO 18A(1)(a)

Return to Origin relies on our community to make this work possible.